Compliance Actions

Put an end to forgetting key tasks.  Maximise your time, focus on what needs attention, use our Actions, Notifications and Reminders to help you create that single source of truth you crave.

Make compliance something you do, rather than 'I don't know how to do'

Standardise your processes and succession-proof your role.

Create Actions (for you and your Board members), update your Board ActionLog as you go, Set reminders and export outputs to create simple reports, we've got your back every step of the way!

Benefits for you

Sitting on and/or administering a Board in a small to medium sized organisation can be the most lonely place in the world. 

Short on time, keen to improve your Board and its productivity, but short (at times) of knowledge, tools and routine. Even at its most basic level, Governance can be complex to us all.

Let us help - Compliance Checklists cover the basic areas of Company and Charity compliance - simple Co Secretarial, Insurance, GDPR, Cyber and Induction checklists for you to follow and manage.

  • Simple, short checklists on key topics that matter to you
  • Saves you time, money and stress
  • Set reminders for next check-ins (ahead of key meetings, etc)
  • Clear sign of your digital transformation and paperless strategy
  • Show investors and stakeholders you take governance seriously
  • And keeps you one step ahead of regulation changes and problems

Download a quick summary of Gov360

A short, two-sided summary of our App, its main components and the value that we offer to you and your colleagues.

Possible use cases for Gov360

Our Governance360 App is a simple board management workflow platform that aims to help you grow stronger foundation, grow quicker (or more efficiently if that is your aim) and save time and money.  As well as not break the bank!

Built by SME owners and Charity Trustees, let us take the strain.  Here are some simple ideas on how you might benefit from its use in your day to day activities.