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  • The single source of truth for your Board.  Digitise your board process, save time and money by uploading things once.  Easy to use, templates provided, secure and GDPR compliant.

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  • Identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively with our comprehensive risk register builder.  Export, viewable to all, 24 hours a day. Whether is your first attempt at building a Risk Register, or your 100th, let our wizard-driven tool take the strain.

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  • Stay on top of regulations effortlessly, with our simple checklists tool designed to keep you on top of the basics month in, month out.  Standardise your processes and succession-proof your role.

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  • Practical, bite-sized digital learning for Directors, new and old.  Simple, easy to follow tips on how to be a better Director/Trustee, run a board, manage risk and more.
  • (Modules include 10 with CPD accreditation)

I am a...

Whether a Director, Founder or Charity Trustee, Governance 360's award-winning software can help you improve your Board governance!

Business Support Provider

Business Support Provider

I want to help clients make less mistakes and maximise potential
  • Improve the delivery of governance best practice from day one with the clients you work with
  • Make your client companies more investible and more credible
  • Upskill your clients with accredited, Director-level fundamentals
Early stage founder

Early Stage Founder

I don't know what I don't know - help me make less mistakes and be more credible and effective
  • Become more investible
  • Professionalise your Board
  • Improve knowledge of Board matters via accredited training
Chair-Founder Growing SME Icon

Growing Company

I want to professionalise my Board, become more investible, and improve as a Director

  • Become more investible
  • Improve the knowledge and efficiency of your Board
  • Demonstrate diligence to new funders
Charity CEO Icon

Charity Leader

I want to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and cohesion of my Charity's Board
  • Single source of truth for Board actions and documents
  • Professionalise your Board
  • Improve efficiency through paperless Boards
Accountant or Lawyer Icon

Non-Executive Directors

I want to manage all of my Boards in one central location to save time and money

  • Single source of truth for Board actions and documents
  • Manage all Boards you sit on through one browser based system
  • Be efficient with your time, access papers 24x7 on demand
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I want to help improve my portfolio grow in value faster and be more accountable day to day
  • Single source of truth for Board actions and documents
  • Reduce paper trail associated with Board governance
  • Demonstrate diligence for future funding rounds

Manage the unmanageable.

  • Capture Board meeting notes and actions to create a single source of truth

  • Document your risks, including a raw and mitigated risk calculator.  Our hot spot dashboard is available to all Board members - no more emails in the middle of the night enclosing an excel file!

  • Work through our expert curated Compliance Checklists to remind yourself of basic tasks - company secretarial, GDPR, insurance and more

  • Take our accredited Academy modules and help develop your skills at the top table

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Paperless, self-service and secure

A single source of truth for your Board