Academy by Governance360

One of the keys to good Governance is that everyone should be aware of their statutory responsibilities are - in good times and bad!
Our simple, CPD accredited Board Academy, built by practitioners for use in the real world, helps you and your Board keep on the straight and narrow.

Built for Everyone

With organisations using volunteers, and a high turnover of people, potential risks are introduced. That is why we developed simple online training to teach the role of being a Director/Trustee and what a Board does. 

This training is suitable for all people with governance responsibilities such as:

  • • New or inexperienced startup founders
  • • Experienced executives of a National Governing Body
  • • Volunteer Trustees at a local charity.

This bite sized online training will help you understand and perform your governance duties better.

Benefits for you

Governance360's Academy encompasses a wide range of material to provide the ultimate tool in Board member training. Access the browser-based platform within minutes to begin upskilling as a Board member.

With our CPD Accredited training, you can earn professional credits simply by completing our bite-sized modules.

  • CPD accredited learning (*terms apply)
  • Wide variety of courses to suit Directors, Trustees and Non-Executives
  • Simple, bite-size modules
  • Digital delivery – do at any time of day or night
  • Perfect for new Directors and Trustees
  • Or for building your CV as your non-executive career develops

Download a short summary of Academy

A short summary of the Academy, its curriculum and learning objectives and the scope that it covers.

Use cases

Governance360's Academy has a wide range of uses across multiple industries. Whether a new Director starting out, or an experienced trustee, Governance360's Academy is the ultimate tool to improve as a Board member.