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Governance360 helps you minimise risk and save time, enabling you to focus on the process and making the most of the (limited) time you can dedicate to it.

Key operational actions we support 

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Education and Responsibilities (Stakeholder Engagement)

Good governance starts with good education and having the right people knowing what their roles and responsibilities are. This is why at the heart of Governance360 is education with our purpose built, bite sized online lessons with assessments and CPD. This is a simple and essential step to good governance. 

Best Practice Guidelines (Policies and Procedures)

Most organisations have well documented procedures and policies, but getting everyone to understand these and abide by them is difficult. With a simple secure online platform, it is much easier for all stakeholders to access documents without excuses. This is especially helpful for volunteers who may change regularly. 

Simple pre-built checklists and templates are used to ensure the right actions are taken as events naturally occur, such as appointing a new Director, change of equity or change in risks. 

Governance360 gives you peace of mind by helping you manage the governance process. 


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Board Meetings (Regular Review and Audit)

Board meetings are central to the governance process, but these need to be managed well to ensure all parties are involved, which can be difficult with part time volunteers. Governance360 provides a simple online platform to help you prepare and securely share documents with all stake holders whilst keeping track of who has seen what. This avoids the need to establish access to internal systems for external members of the Board. This simple feature is something our customers really appreciate, especially when board members change regularly. 

Risk Management

At the heart of good governance is Risk management and although most executives know all about risk management it is still something that is often done badly. Typically in spreadsheets that no one looks at. This is why at Governance360 we have put this in the centre of our platform as an easy to use and always available module. It intrinsically establishes the severity of the risk, mitigating actions and provides alerts and tracking to ensure the risks are continually managed appropriately. 

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