Board Portal

A simple to use workflow tool that helps you manage, structure and circulate your Board papers, policies and documents. 


Board Meetings portal

Understanding the need for a board portal and choosing the right one for your organisation can be a daunting task.

There are lots of them after all - but few, if any, built by Directors and Trustees to solve the day to day pain points they saw in their organisations themselves.  Consequently many are full of (too) many features and probably out of your price range.  If any of these situations face you on a daily basis: 

  • You use email to circulate papers (which isn't really a suitable Board meeting tool – certainly not for workflow!)
  • Or you use (unstructured) cloud storage tools.  Cheap storage but not really a single source of truth or actions
  • And/or you lack workflow which makes it hard to find key papers and documents?

Then you probably would benefit from Governance360 and its ability to create simple structure for your Board and its processes. 

Whilst enabling those that follow you as you build in resilience and continuity to your Organisation's board processes.  Even if only when you are on holiday!

Policy and Document management in one, central place

Most organisations have well documented procedures and policies.

Using our simple, secure online platform, it is much easier for all stakeholders to access documents. 

Save your own time, empower your Board to find the information they are looking for and bolster your own security and GDPR resilience at the same time.



Download a short summary of Governance360

A short, one page summary of our Platform, its main components and the value that we offer to you and your colleagues.