Risk Register

For those moments when risk threatens to de-rail you.

Be better prepared, share the risk and pro-actively manage to avoid or mitigate the outcomes of any risks.

Understanding Risk and managing it is easy when you know how

Identify, assess and mitigate risks effectively with our comprehensive risk register builder. Whether this is your first attempt at building a Risk Register, or your 100th, let our wizard-driven tool take the strain. Improve the visibility of your risks and actively manage them better as the whole team has easy and anytime access. 

Make your investment case more robust, demonstrate to your stakeholders that you understand the gaps in your plan, protect yourself from risks that may overwhelm you if not addressed promptly.


Don't relegate Risk to the last 5 minutes of your meeting (sound familiar?)

Make your Board Risk Register work harder.  And visible 24 hours a day to all Board members.  Make it harder to ignore the things that can derail your Organisation and its progress.

  • Use our wizards and content to create a simple register (if you don't already have one)
  • Viewable by all of your Board 24x7 (and only editable by the Admin!)
  • Colour-coded Risk Matrix included to quickly identify hotspots and key risk area
  • Clear sign of your digital transformation and paperless strategy
  • Show investors and stakeholders you take risk seriously and have a plan for the key, strategic, risks
  • Calculates Raw and Mitigated score and updates in real time

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