Scale-Up Ecosystem

Good governance helps growing, but often immature, early stage companies be more robust and operate with less risk.  Build a Board structure and simple process fit for faster growth today with Governance360.

Empowering Scale-Ups

Early Stage Founders are often unaware of their responsibilities and the potential risks they face as executives. As they progress on their journey this can cause unexpected issues which can then impact fund raising.  

Working with Incubators and Accelerators, Governance360 provides a training solution, and an ongoing monitoring mechanism, to enable executives to embrace good governance. Such good governance is very favourably looked upon by Investors and with Governance360 this is easily achieved and demonstrates a level of maturity in the running of the Organisation by the Founders/ Directors. 

If you run a business support service for early stage organisations get in touch to learn how we can enhance your programme with a very cost effective platform to educate and support your Founders to become a well-managed low risk investment opportunity for Funders.  

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